Big Brother All Stars – September 5 Spoilers

I’ve truly loved this season and tonight’s episode was one of the best. Dr. Will is the greatest Big Brother player in history. If ever someone was born to play this game it’s him. He mainpulated every person in this house including, let’s be frank, his partner Mike Boogie, who was his pawn through and through. Mike helped him every step of the way, he knew that if his plan worked and it came down to the 2 of them in the end, he would have kicked Boogie’s ass.

But alas, Janelle and Erika woke up and turned it around on Will and Mike and now Will has been evicted. Well played Janelle who, despite my love of Will as the best player, is by far the strongest player and I’m glad she’s on her way to winning. Here’s someone who was almost kicked out every week for the last 2 months and was each time able to win the crucial competition she needed to stay in the house.

Can’t wait until tomorrow’s episode to see Boogie go home. I just hope Erika calls him a Class Act as he walks out the door. That should rub it in.


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