How I Met Your Mother – Season 2, Episode 1

Now this is a great sitcom. I actually like every character. This episode continued from last season’s cliffhanger where Robin and Ted got together at the same time that Lilly left Marshall. While Marshall wallows in self pity, Robin and Ted are in the honeymoon phase of their relationship. Lilly is generally absent until the end but most important of all, Barney is still Barney. He is truly the king of awesomeness and makes every scene he is in great.

I know the show has gotten flack for the challenge of its premise particularly the first episode revelation that Ted and Robin don’t get together but I don’t care. As long as each episode has me laughing as hard as this one while simultaneously making me give a crap about what happens to each and every character, I’m going to be watching for a long time.

Avi’s rating: A-


2 Responses to How I Met Your Mother – Season 2, Episode 1

  1. Jonathan Smith says:


    Could you please tell me the artist and name of the song that was played at the end of the September 25, 2006 episode and goes something like “Wide Open Road, It was all new, It was all love.” Please email me at I would really appreciate it.


  2. Bobby says:

    I love this show. My wife and I watch it every week. My favourite character is Robin. Cobie Smulders I think she is great at what she is doing especially since she is CANADIAN!!!!!
    Ted is the best because he makes a great team with Barney and Marshall.
    CANADA RULES!!!!!!!!

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