Prison Break – Season 2, Episode 5

This episode definitely was better than the last few.  Maybe it’s that the characters finally came back together or maybe it’s that there’s some more momentum around the story.  I just think I rolled my eyes fewer times than I have the rest of the season.  Just some random thoughts on this episode:

  • I still don’t know how T-Bag is able to “brutally assault” anyone with one hand but I’m willing to put that aside as long as the writers do.
  • I’m also surprised that for someone who is supposed to be smart, Michael was way too dumb to trust T-Bag.
  • Sucre’s Vegas adventure is finally over so I can wake up now when he’s on screen.
  • I kind of like Tweener’s girl protecting him.  It made him seem a little more sympathetic and I kind of hoped he’d find a way to run off with her.
  • So, the hunter is a junkie.  I don’t know if this show can handle even more plot threads in the air but I guess this one could be interesting.

To sum up, this episode bought itself another week or 2 on my schedule but it’s still on probation.

Avi’s rating: B-


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