The Class – Episode One

This show was terrible. I’ve heard the comparisons to Friends but this is nothing like Friends. For those of you who don’t know the premise: Lead guy Ethan (Jason Ritter) reunites his third grade class to surprise his girl friend who he originally met back in third grade. Most of these characters haven’t seen each other over the years and from there boredom ensures. The characters are annoying, the situation is contrived and I don’t see any reason for them to ever get back together. The worst thing about this comedy is that I didn’t laugh once. Call me crazy but I don’t find suicide, adultery, slackers who live at home with their overbearing mothers, daughters named Oprah or gay stereotypes funny.

I’m willing to give it one more try but my guess is this show isn’t going to be on my list this time next Tuesday.

Avi’s rating: C-


2 Responses to The Class – Episode One

  1. jim says:

    This looked awful, even the trailer made me change the channel, glad to hear my assumption confirmed.

  2. sandy says:

    who broke bones in episode that aired on september25?
    and how many bones were broken?

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