Amazing Race – Season 10, Episode 1

I finally got around to watching the first episode of the new Amazing Race. I generally liked about 1/2 the racers, found 1/4 mildly annoying and 1/4 extremely annoying. Unfortunately the first 2 teams kicked off were 2 who fell into the “like” category. It’s a bit too early to choose favourites but I liked the recovering addict models, the father-daughter team and the two brothers out of the gate. It had the elements I tend to like on the show, primarily the tour through China. I’m not sure why it needs to start with a Fear Factor eating as the first challenge though.

As you can tell, the show isn’t at the top of my viewing list (it’s Wednesday, not Sunday) but for the forseeable future I will be watching.

Avi’s episode grade: B-


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