Smith – Season 1, Episode 1

Now this was exciting TV. I know some reviewers have had an issue with the amoral characters, specifically Simon Baker’s asssassin character. I, on the other hand, found them really interesting to watch the same way I found Tony Soprano interesting the first time he had “coffee” with someone. Ray Liotta was great as the leader and I found Virginia Madsen (someone I’ve liked since Crime Story) to be a strong character as a recovering addict wife on parole. Amy Smart was just scary enough to make her a close second to Simon Baker in the amoral department. Another favourite character actor is Chris Bauer (from the Wire) as the cop who is brought into to chase them. The one character I can’t wait to see more of is Shohreh Aghadashloo who is the true leader of the team providing them with the contracts for the heists. (Now if only she’d scream Behrooooooooooz for me.). As long as the show doesn’t evolve into heist of the week I’m in.

Avi’s episode rating: B+


2 Responses to Smith – Season 1, Episode 1

  1. Stacy Faulkner says:

    The ending song on Smith was awesome. Who is the artist?

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