Boston Legal – Season 3, Episode 1

I know this show has always been over the top but I’ve put up with it because I like Shatner, Spader, Julie Bowen, etc. I also really like seeing Michael J Fox on screen. He really makes his presence known in every scene he is in. That being said, I think this week was the final straw. The return of Hands and some stupid story about his love for a life-like doll and a sex surrogate just held no interest for me. The same holds true for Spader’s relationship with the crazy partner.

I’m not yet ready to cut it completely off my schedule but as long as this show remains more Ally McBeal than Picket Fences or The Practice (in its good years) this show will always be recorded and watched when I find the time. It just isn’t must see viewing.

Avi’s Rating: C


One Response to Boston Legal – Season 3, Episode 1

  1. Sam Studer says:

    Seems like all the AI people are going to judge for the show X-factor. I hope it’s not just rumor that Paula Abdul is going to join CowellSimon Cowell on X factor. Simon and Paula always seemed like a good mix. They really balance each other out and and even though they might don’t really like each other I think audiences will want to see them judge together.

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