The Office – Season 3, Episode 1

Here’s what I learned from this week’s brilliant episode of The Office:

  • Faggie means lame in Michael speak
  • Dunden Mifflin paper is not more flammable than the alternative
  • You can buy gaydar online but Sharper Image may be sold out so try Brookstone
  • Don’t drive drunk even if Pam dumps you
  • Stanley can’t find a use for 2 toasters
  • It’s super cool to be an accountant at a failing paper company – just like Sir Ian Mcallan (sp)
  • Calculators in jello are much less funny in Stamford than in Scranton
  • It’s not called Queer as F**k
  • It’s not possible for Angela and Oscar to have a gay affair
  • Meetings are much less fun without a friend to heckle it with
  • Gay used to mean happy then lame
  • Sometimes it pays to be gay

This was a great episode.  The Jim-Pam storyline pulled at the heart strings each time they glanced at where the other would be.  At the same time Oscar’s coming out story line was handled as only The Office could.  Welcome back Dunder Mifflin, it’s been a long summer without you.

Avi’s episode grade: A

2 Responses to The Office – Season 3, Episode 1

  1. Tim says:

    One thing that makes this serries so great is that Michael is sooo fantastic at playing “hurt”. You wish you could rip this guy to shreds, but as soon as you do, you wish you hadn’t.

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