Law & Order – Season 17, Episode 1

Law & Order returns with 2 new characters: Milena Govich (formerly from Conviction and Rescue Me) as the new junior detective and Alena De La Garza as the new ADA. As I’ve said before I wish they would have dumped Sam Waterston but there’s always next year. Milena is a former beauty queen who seems to have jumped the line to homicide much to the chagrin of Van Buren. She also has an accent that seems to change from scene to scene. As for the new ADA, she made very little impression on me one way or another.

With a ripped from the headlines story about Britney Spears and KFed and a constitutional thread about whether gossip columnists are entitled to confidential sources, this episode did capture a lot of what I used to love about L&O.  Still not as good as the Chris Noth days but a good episode that kept me awake from start to finish (something that didn’t happen a lot last year).

Avi’s episode grade: B

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