Six Degrees – Season 1, Episode 1

The premise of this new drama from TV god JJ Abrams is the interconnectedness of strangers. The show has a pretty large cast including a core group and a bunch of secondary characters (including one of my favourites, Omar from the Wire).

When I first mentioned this show in my fall preview review (and unlike some of the critics of this show) I discussed how I believe in the premise that people who are casual secondary characters in your life or strangers who you walk by may become significant at a later point in your life. This most recently happened to me when my sister-in-law Cara got married to someone who was in my cabin at camp for one summer about 25 years ago. When she started dating him and first mentioned his name I knew it sounded familiar and funny enough I was able to pull out a picture of the 2 of us from when we were 10. This would be much less weird if we were all in the same cities and it just happened that our circles converged but that isn’t what happened. I’m from Toronto, my sister-in-law is in New York and her now husband Alec used to be in Pittsburgh and now lives in New York.

My point is that I can buy in to the central premise and I kind of think it’s neat how peripheral characters appear in the background of other characters in ways that reveal key pieces of information of their stories. I also really like how New York is a central character in the story and find that seeing the show in HD and widescreen adds a dimension to the show.

My complaint though is at this time I’m not really that engaged in the storylines of the main characters. I don’t real care what is in Erika Christensen’s box and why she’s in hiding. She’s cute so I can at least see what Jay Hernandez sees in her and I like Hope Davis’s widow. The rest I’m not sure about yet. I’m giving it another few weeks though. My hope is that they keep expanding beyond the core cast to prove the six degrees theory. At this time it seems more like coincidence in a contrived story.

Avi’s episode grade: B-


One Response to Six Degrees – Season 1, Episode 1

  1. alec says:

    i’ve been immortalized in someone’s blog. i’m famous!

    but, i am going to have to check out this show. thanks for the review, avi.

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