Survivor: Cook Islands – Episode 2

I think the producers must have heard my complaint because this episode had what I used to like about Survivor – lots of team dynamics and minimal challenge time. The last few years it seemed like Survivor was 10 minutes team interaction, 30 minute challenges, 6 minutes tribal council. This episode limited the challenge to 10 minutes and instead focused on the players. This is the right episode mix and is the way to get you to know the characters.

The thing I still don’t understand about all reality shows is why the contestants don’t actually watch the previous seasons before going on. There is nothing else to explain the Latino team’s decision to intentionally throw a challenge so they can boot someone they don’t like. Anyone who’s watched Survivor knows that in the early episodes it’s a game of numbers and it’s stupid to reduce your numbers intentionally. Even if the guy is lazy, it’s still better to have him there for challenges than to not have him.

At this point I think the Asian team is going to dominate especially now that someone from that team has the immunity idol. My early pick is Yul. Something about him (besides the idol) make him a favourite to go to the end.

Avi’s episode grade: B+


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