I’m behind on my postings…

… but don’t hold it against me.  I’ve been under the weather the past few nights but should be fully back on with my reviews in the next day or two. 

I’ll be adding posts over the next few days about Heroes (awesome new show – superheroes and comic books, what’s not to love), How I Met Your Mother, Boston Legal (much better this week), Prison Break (also much better), Studio 60 (still great) and Gilmore Girls.   

One Response to I’m behind on my postings…

  1. jim says:

    Waiting for your review of Studio 60 so that I can heckle. Overall I enjoyed the show, but there were a couple of stupid bits that annoyed me.

    Okay, I’ll begin the rant here. Tongue firmly in cheek, are we supposed to believe that godless liberal Hollywood types stop to pray before their show? That’s supposed to make us sympathetic to them and believe they are unfairly the victims of protest by the religious right?

    Seemed to me like a faint effort to pander to the religious right. I guess that’s what you have to do these days.

    My own biases firmly in place, I definitely preferred the first show where Pat Robertson is (perhaps obliquely) called a racist. bigot? I forget, but I liked it 🙂

    Definitely liked it better than, “oh, uh, whose turn is it this time?”. Bah. Whatever.

    At least vaguely reminiscent of Present Bartlett kicking the religious nuts out of the White House, then balancing that with excruciating character development to illustrate his faith.

    Wow, I really did rant. Perhaps time for me to start a blog. not.

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