Heroes – Season 1, Epsiode 1

I’m going to start this posting with the caveat that I’m a big comic book fan so a serial show about superheroes plays right into my sweet spot. That bias stated up front, I will say that the show lived up to my expectation. Even my wife, who is not a comic book fan at all, liked the show.

What other show has a Tokyo based corporate drone who can bend the space-time continuum (his words not mine) while making reference to specific issues of the X-Men (which is an obvious inspiration for the show), a cheerleader who is invulnerable, a stripper with a genius son and a killer alter-ego, politician and nurse brothers who can fly, an artist who can see into the future and a cab driver whose father’s research into genetics may hold the key to why heroes are appearing?

Wrap these characters up in a beautiful conspiracy package where the cheerleader’s adopted father is pursuing the heroes and throw in a dash of JJ Abrams favourite Greg Grunberg next week and I’m on board to see what happens next.

Avi’s episode rating: A-

2 Responses to Heroes – Season 1, Epsiode 1

  1. Yoni says:

    Funny, my wife and I gave it the same review (A-) and neither of us are strange like Avi with the comic books.

    I suspect it may replace Prison Break as I have a feeling we’re going to drop it shortly.

  2. jim says:

    Yeah, my wife (!) and I watched this one too — actually watched it live, which is fairly shocking. Definitely two thumbs up, loved the X-Men references, the conspiracy backdrop, all good.

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