ER – Season 13, Episodes 1 & 2

I know what you’re thinking:  “Is this show even still on?”  Well, the answer is not only yes but also that I think these 2 episodes are perhaps the strongest ones in the last few years of the show.  The Abby-Luka story was one that almost had me in tears, having recently had my second child and seeing my worst fears about potentially having my little one in the NICU play out.  Even more important from a TV perspective, I actually cared about the characters and thought their reactions felt real.  I have a soft spot for John Stamos so I’m glad he’s joining the cast.  Weaver, no longer chief of staff – also a great turn of events – and Morris begging for his job back so he doesn’t have to work for the man (big pharma) returning as a peer of Weaver.  I also felt Neela’s pain with the aftermath of her husband’s death last season. 

To sum up, for a show that should essentially be on its last legs it has started this season with strong episodes that some of these new shows could only dream about.

Avi’s Episode Ratings: A-

4 Responses to ER – Season 13, Episodes 1 & 2

  1. Garth says:

    If this is ER’s last season, this is the season to watch. The past two episodes DEFINITELY make up for the last two if not three seasons. As far as it’s competition goes on CBS and ABC (Sorry, no cable) on that night, NBC runs away with it. I still care about this show and I’m glad that some life is being put back into it.

  2. lisa robinson says:

    Any idea when us UK viewers are going to see season 13, I’ve looked everwhere??

  3. Kirsty says:

    This site is fantastic, hope you have already found Season 13 but if not you should be able to get the rough story from the spoilers and episodes 3 – 6 are available on torrent to download. Make dure you have x-vid and bitlord to download and play…Happy watching

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