Capsule Reviews

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip – Episodes 2 & 3

Let me start by saying I still like this show and will continue to watch but the cracks are starting to show. There’s a lot to like on the show. Most of the cast are great and I’d like to give a special shout out to Stephen Weber who is playing such a different role from his Wings character and subtly steals every scene he is in. I still like the Sorkin dialogue despite it being pretentious. I also think there is room for the behind the scenes at SNL concept to grow – especially from the guy who created Sports Night.

Here’s the but. I generally hate the Sarah Paulson character. I get it she’s religious but does she have to bring it into every conversation. I know lots of religious people and their religion isn’t the basis of every conversation they have. I’m indifferent to Amanda Peet’s character – I don’t really like her but I don’t really hate her either. I do definitely dislike her storyline. I mean does anyone actually care about the DUI of a network executive or even more want to read a tell all book about one. People who are generally behind the scenes of TV shows are not celebrities to the majority of people. The sketches are horrible and unfunny. I could go on about this but here’s a link to an article that already has that covered. Finally and here’s the big one. The show doesn’t have enough of a narrative to keep it moving along week to week. I never once felt like West Wing was the political crisis of the week but this show is turning into a weekly procedural about the behind scenes crisis in making a television show. If you’ve read any of my other blog postings, you know how much I hate procedurals.

All this being said, I’m still in for the forseeable future. Aaron, it’s only because I care that I’m so critical. If I didn’t care, this show and didn’t think that there is a lot of promise in this show, it would already be on my cancelled list.

Avi’s episodes rating: B-

Vanished – Episodes 1-7

I don’t really like this show. The acting is generally poor (although I rather like Ming Na and the actor who plays the Senator). The characters are one dimensional and I could care less what happens to Sara Collins or the conspiracy behind her disappearance. Still, I keep watching and I don’t know why. It’s not on the top of my list, I generally don’t end up watching the show until I’ve caught up on almost every other show on my PVR. There’s something about it keeps bringing me back. Fox’s move of starting the show in August probably helped. If it came on now when I have so many other options it would have already been dropped. I keep telling myself only one more episode then it was only until baseball. Now after this week’s episode which killed off the main character, Agent Kelton, who I truly didn’t like and replaced with Eddie Cibrian, (Third Watch, Young & the Restless, Tilt and Invasion) who I actually do like, I might have to watch after baseball. But only for one episode.

Avi’s series to date rating – C+ but bumped to a B for reasons I don’t understand myself.


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