The Office – Season 3, Episode 3

Is it possible for me to love this show any more?

Here are just a few of the things I learned from tonight’s episode:

  • There is no better cure for the Monday blues than a movie.
  • Movie Mondays can make you more productive.  You will work harder to make up the time you lost watching the movie.
  • Women have many defects especially : if you reject them they won’t ever let it go and weak arms
  • Call of Duty is a great team building exercise.  So is pretendinitis.
  • I think Woodward and Bernstein should have met Deep Throat at the Liz Clayborne outlet.
  • You don’t bring a sniper rifle to an MP40 fight.
  • Crentist the dentist is a great dentist.
  • All it takes to run a branch is not lying.
  • A vacuum cleaner can also be a good branch manager.
  • Convertibles are ridiculous in the Scranton climate.
  • “Hug it out, bitch” is what men say to each other after a fight.  It doesn’t translate if you say it to a woman, though.

How great was Steve Carell at playing Dwight and then making him beg for his job.  As much as we think Michael is incompetent at times for having Movie Mondays, how do you think Jan would react to what goes on in Stamford.  It’s clear they’re building to Scranton absorbing Stamford and the return of Jim to his rightful position torturing Dwight.  Bring it on.

Avi’s Episode Rating: A


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