Grey’s Anatomy – Season 3, Episode 3

Let me start this entry with a general pledge: I’m not going to mention my hatred for Meridith anymore in my Grey’s Anatomy reviews unless she does something truly horrible. The truth is that I am increasingly loving this show and with so much going on in a typical episode coupled with fantastic characters, it’s getting easier for me to ignore her scenes and even her voiceover. So I’m done wasting any words about my dislike for her in future columns. Now that I have that off my chest, let me say this was a great hour of TV. Addison is a great character and her breakdown in the supply closet (despite her encounter with McSteamy) and her words for Meridith really exhibit what a multi-dimensional character she is and is a great example how this show challenges its soap opera classification. I wish her and new regular McSteamy the best of luck. Izzy’s inability to reenter the hospital even after an entire day standing outside and missing a meeting with the Chief (who doesn’t look like he’s going to welcome her with open arms) may be stupid on her part but fits her character well as someone who really wears her heart on her sleeve.

A few other quick highlights:

  • Alex and Christina betting on whether McDreamy was going to break up Meridith’s date with Finn had me laughing out loud.
  • George’s comic book discussion with Alex made me like George even more. I’m sure all women find men who read comics sexy, right? Maybe it’s just my wife.
  • George exhibiting that he still has a lot to learn about relationships in the way he handled telling Dr. Torres he didn’t want her to stay with him.
  • Burke’s leave of absence and Christina’s realization (after her discussion with the seizure patient’s wife) that she has a part to play in helping him get better and that there aren’t any quick fixes.
  • Alex’s patient (the girl from Little Miss Sunshine) who thought she was a superhero but instead had a condition where she couldn’t feel pain was an excellent story reminicent of some of the golden years of an ER or Chicago Hope.
  • Finally, Alex and Izzy’s final scene about the role of pain was heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time

Bottom line: There’s a lot to like in just an hour of Grey’s Anatomy and it keeps moving up on my must see list. Avi’s Episode Rating: A


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