Bloggers or Network Execs to Blame For Early Cancellations?

Check out this quote from the recent Variety article:

Helping feed the frenzied atmosphere behind such hair-trigger decision-making: intense scrutiny of the ratings race by both the media and the blogosphere.

Big papers once waited several weeks, if not a month, before weighing in on the early shape of the fall season. But now there seems to be an unstated race among reporters who cover television to be the first to publish a comprehensive analysis of the season’s winners and losers.

The article follows with the truism:

While constant coverage may pump up the terror alert level inside networks a bit, reporters aren’t the ones deciding which shows live or die.

Execs retain that power, and most insist their decision-making isn’t driven by fear or the need to impress shareholders…..

……”It’s all about the creative,” one exec said. “You stick with something because you believe in it. If you don’t think it’s getting better, you don’t (stick with it).”

Here’s what I think and I warn you in advance that I’m going to rant a little.

I can’t admit to understanding what it means to be in a TV executive’s shoes where he or she has to make business decisions about the future of creative works.  I can only speak from the point of view of a fan who loves good TV and doesn’t give a crap about ratings and key demos and other metrics.

I have a simple POV that guides me: I will continue to watch shows that are well made, well acted, challenging, entertaining and most important of all memorable.  The corollory is that I will never watch shows that are poorly made, poorly acted, derivative, speak down to their audience or worst of all unengaging and forgettable.

I don’t care what network good shows are on.  I don’t care what network executives, critics or other people think.  I just care that the shows I watch stimulate me while I watch them and make me look forward to coming back the next week.  I may be naive but I really believe that if a network can stay and nurture shows that may not be out of the gate hits but that people like and look forward to seeing each and every week, they will win in the long run.

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