Heroes Gets a Full Season, Kidnapped Cancelled and Moved to Saturdays

I mentioned Kidnapped being cancelled in an earlier posting but in the wake of Smith being cancelled after 3 episodes I wanted to again give my kudos to NBC for handling this cancellation with the respect a show of Kidnapped’s caliber and its audience deserves.  I will be following this program to Saturdays for the remainder of the show’s 13 episode run and I have no doubt that it will wrap up as brilliantly as this show started.

Also, bravo to NBC for giving a full season to Heroes.  This show may not have the audience of its obvious inspiration, Lost, but it definitely has a talented large cast, an intriguing mystery and lots of superheroes.  On the strength of the first few episodes, I can definitely say I look forward to watching it for many years.


9 Responses to Heroes Gets a Full Season, Kidnapped Cancelled and Moved to Saturdays

  1. Joyce says:

    Thank you for posting this. I had heard that Kidnapped was cancelled and I was right in the middle of an episode.

    But you’ve let me know that it will move to Sat. …I will be watching.

  2. Kidnapped Fan says:

    Ironic that Heroes gets a full season after a couple of mediocre episodes while a vastly superior show like Kidnapped gets cancelled but at least NBC had the decency to allow the airing of further episodes of Kidnapped. This is rare in these days and for that I agree that NBC should be commended. I can only hope that, through something close to a miracle, Kidnapped will pick up enough viewers to warrant a renewal.
    I was looking forward to Heroes but the show has been underwhelming so far. The decent premise has been hampered by a slow moving story, mostly lackluster characters, and a total lack of special effects. To be fair, it shows promise so I will watch the story unfold for a while longer before I make up my mind.

  3. Aiden says:

    TV executives need to be careful with that axe they like to throw at will. Let’s all remember that CSI (the orginal) was slated to be cancelled because of poor viewership but CBS let it run a little longer and now it has become a franchise much like Law and order.

    Then look back few years to yes the one the only “The X-Files” a show that fox cancelled and then brought back from the dead due to a growing fan base.

  4. Alicia says:

    Does anyone know what time it will come on? I think that is not right that this show was cancelled. Poor planning by NBC to have it air on Wednesdays, they also have changed so many shows around that it is hard to keep up with everything and what the new times are. Sometimes when things are good you should not mess with them…

  5. Darren says:

    I think Heroes is far better than Kidnapped Heroes plot does seem to be moving quickly, yet our heroes still have to meet each other (the way they havent all met is handled in ‘Six Degrees’ style and is quite clever) along with that mysterious symbol (dna related?) that keeps cropping up on post it notes, in the pool, the book, the drawings and paintings, the roadmap, in the computer data etc… however I like kidnapped it started far stronger than fox’s vanished and glad even thou cancelled we will get a full story over 13 episodes.

  6. D says:

    Heroes is starting to pick up now though wouldn’t you agree?

  7. noelle says:

    I just have a question is it true that the episodes will be put out into stores in the fall?

  8. justin says:

    kidnapped fan is an idiot. heroes i is a far better show with more future potential. kidnapped had no direction and was poorly written.

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