Why I’m Breaking Up With The Amazing Race

Despite the title of this article let me begin by telling you that I really like The Amazing Race.   I like the vicarious tour around the world to places I only dream of seeing.  I usually like a minimum of 1/2 the contestants in any given season.  I like the extreme challenges and the pace of the race.  I even think Phil is the perfect host.  Finally, of all the reality shows on the air this is probably the only one I would ever consider being on.

So why am I probably going to drop this show from my regular viewing schedule you ask.  Simple.  Every episode follows a formula of exotic locations, misc. conflicts between and within teams, multiple challenges as part of the show and as part of the travel dynamic and finally a race to the end between two teams with one eliminated.  Make no mistake, this is an entertaining and winning formula.  The flip side is it’s still a formula and after 10 seasons there’s nothing new episode to episode.   I have way too many shows still on my weekly list and I just don’t have time for one that doesn’t draw me in.

Don’t get me wrong.  Unlike some of the other crappy shows I’ve dropped in the past few weeks (like CBS’s The Class) I still recommend The Amazing Race.  There’s a lot to like about it.  For me it’s just become a bit too “same old, same old” for me.


2 Responses to Why I’m Breaking Up With The Amazing Race

  1. […] I had a realization this Tuesday evening – I waste way too much time watching shows I don’t really enjoy. I had just watched Sunday’s The Amazing Race and couldn’t remember anything about it 10 seconds after it ended. There I was 10 minutes into Friday Night Lights, a show that is fast becoming my favourite new show of the season, and it hit me. There are a lot of shows that are truly excellent and I don’t need to watch shows just become they’re a habit. It was that minute I decided The Amazing Race was off my list. (See my earlier post on the topic to see why.) […]

  2. […] The Wire (TMN, HBO) since I find I enjoy the show better watching it in episode chunks, Without a Trace (CBS).  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am no longer watching The Amazing Race. […]

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