CBS – “Bold and Different” – What Crap!!!

Variety published an article today about CBS “throwing out the rulebook” next season and the network’s plan to put on unconventional shows that shock of shocks are not the procedurals that dominate CBS’s entire schedule.

Allow me to up front express my skepticism that this will ever happen.  Sure CBS may try a show or two that are unique but the reality is they won’t stick by them.  When Smith got cancelled and I blogged that I wasn’t surprised given CBS’s track record for not sticking by different kinds of shows, the number of comments from people who agreed was unbelievable to me.

It’s hard to blame CBS though.  The ratings for their procedural shows are huge and the ratings for their non-procedurals are mediocre.  There’s no one to blame but the people who watch their shows in droves.  I like Jericho but I think it’s just CBS throwing a bone to show they are willing to experiment and I don’t have high hopes that is will be on next year.  They really are only giving people what they want.

Still, it’s not what I want and I only hope that the creators who have great shows don’t waste their time putting them on a network that isn’t going to support them.

My rant is over and I feel better.  Let me know what you think.


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