Veronica Mars – Season 3, Episode 4

Another great episode with lots going on.  The show got off to a great start with the Mars family dinner and Keith at his fatherly best quizzing Logan with Veronica trying her best to shut down every detective-like question.  She truly is a “bobcat” especially in her interaction with everyone’s favourite Dick.  Lots of the show’s trademark dialogue like: “Bland is the new hot”, “I think I used to drop my maid off here” and “In my world the wicked don’t get parting gifts” as well as pop culture references from Poltergeist and Star Trek.

This episode featured the “Just Shoot Me” reunion between Papa Mars and Laura San Giacomo as a woman suspecting her husband of infidelity.  Of course, there was lots of flirting between the former co-stars and on-screen lovers but it was not to be.  Her husband wasn’t cheating and this potential romance in the works ended as quickly as it began.

The mystery of the week introduced us to Logan’s brother who has been getting payments from his trust fund.  Funny enough he looks just like Rory’s boyfriend on Gilmore Girls.   It’s a shame that Veronica had to be Veronica.  I can see how her suspicion of everyone and everything could be annoying.  Mostly I feel bad for Logan who just hoped that for once something good might have come out of his being an Echolls.  Maybe it still will work out with his real brother.  Jason Dohring continues to make Logan a complex character and one of my favourites on TV.

My criticism of the last few episodes was the limited focus on the season’s mystery of the campus rapist so I liked it’s return.  10 minutes in and Veronica not only secures payment to dive right in and solve the mystery but also reminds us why it’s personal for her.  She also clears the fraternity house even though it once again makes her hated.

Avi’s Episode Rating: B+


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