Boston Legal – Season 3, Episode 7 – TV Review

This show is pure fluff.  I’m entertained while watching it but barely remember what happened after it’s over.  I’ve enjoyed the new additions to the cast and have gotten used to the over the top antics.  I can even deal with the reused Practice storylines like this week’s lawsuit for defamation after a criminal trial and the ridiculous notion that they win every single case no matter how unwinnable.   But here’s what I can’t deal with anymore.  Two words.  Jerry Espenson.  This idiot character who gets into new trouble every week and turns to Alan Shore to get him out of it is annoying, not quirky.  The whole hour I hoped that maybe this time he’ll get thrown in jail and we won’t ever have to see him again but sure enough, Alan won the unwinnable case and from the preview next week he’s back.

I’m still going to watch next week but I plan to fast forward every scene he is in.  So it should be a short episode next week.

Avi’s TV Review: B- (dropped to a C because of Jerry)


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