Lost Season 3, Episode 5 – TV Review

It’s hard to express the increasing level of disappointment I feel with this show which once was my favourite on the air.   As a baseline I need to admit that I hold this show to a higher standard than  shows that I consider pure fluff, say The OC or Boston Legal.  Last night’s Lost episode fell far short of that standard.

If you haven’t seen the episode, stop reading now because I’m going to feature spoilers.

So, they killed off one of my favourite characters on the show, Mr. Eko or Adibizi as I still call him.  For those of you keeping track, outside of Bernard, all the castaways from the tail are now dead.  A year ago when they introduced the characters I liked the concept and thought it had all kinds of possibilities.  Now they’re all dead, they had no impact on the core story, they had almost no impact on the other characters and bottom line – the writers have just wasted time that would have been better spent developing the core story.  I’m not sure if this is the reality for a successful show that needs to drag out its premise to last a few extra seasons or not but I’m frustrated by this turn of events.  The death was not shocking but seemed a little too matter of course for this show.  I would rather have had them keep Eko, Libby and maybe even Ana Lucia than to add 2 new no-name characters who appeared out of nowhere as if we’ve known them all along.  I defended the show last season to those who thought it slowed down but with these deaths most of last season’s developments have been erased from the show.

If Lost was a soap opera that had multiple episodes a week rather than 24 a year there would be room for greater character development and an extended story.  But it’s not!  The show needs to stop meandering and start showing some cards.  I’m not someone who needs it all revealed but more focus would be good.

On the other hand I did like the Jack story.  So Ben needs surgery and Juliet wants Jack to kill him on the table.  How much do you want to bet that Juliet is really the bad guy of the story?  I don’t need the answer next week but I need the “fall finale” to start to bring us some focus on the main plot and at least a few answers.  It’s not the end of my love affair with the show but the honeymoon is definitely over.

Avi’s Episode Review: B-

4 Responses to Lost Season 3, Episode 5 – TV Review

  1. Tim says:

    My theory on the Ben surgery is that Ben and Juliet are in sync. Juliet knows that even if Jack starts the surgery with intent to kill, he won’t be able to resist is “healer” instincts.

    I used to be interested in the mysteries because I had hopes for resolution. I no longer have any expectation that all the questions will be resolved, so it’s kind of “ho hum” at this point. For example even though the show deliberately resurfaced the question of how Eko’s brother and plane ended up on the island, I don’t expect an anwer any more.

    My metric for whether I keep watching is how much I fast forward through the show (thank god for PVR) and I’m not fast forwarding here yet. OT – Jerry Espensen has been relegated to the ff bin for the past few episodes of Boston Legal.

  2. Wanda says:

    I agree, how could they kill off Echo. Now there is only one character from the tail section left, charles– I believe and he isn’t interesting at all. All we hear about is Jack, Sawyer, and the girl. Well I think they should have killed off Jack and left Echo. I read an article that the actor who played Echo did not want to sign up for a long series and only wanted to do so many episodes. My advice to lost casting directors — if anyone auditioning for the show says that in the future — Don’t hire them. Echo was one of the most exciting characters and deep — you really didn’t know where his heart was. Where are you going to get another character like that. Lost writing had better pick up are it is going to be a three year series only. I have regulated them to DVR also.

  3. ginger says:

    A season finale already? Come on. The finale will probably be the last LOST episode I watch. I will lose interest. Heck if I haven’t watched it from Nov to Feb why bother? I am an American and I don’t like to be messed with. I don’t like to wait. They are toying with us. Why? ABC is full of idiots!

  4. Steve says:

    Lost episode 7 – Not in Portland
    Brainwashing Scene with Karl strapped to the chair in Room 23.
    Seperated with surround sound and played backwards you can hear a creepy woman saying “Only fools are enslaved by time and space”

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