TV News & Stories from the Web – November 2

Here are some interesting TV stories from the Web:

  • Dexter has been renewed – As I’ve mentioned before, I liked the book it’s based on and even though I still haven’t watched it yet it’s recorded and in my viewing queue.
  • Rob Lowe joins Brothers & Sisters – This show is growing on me and it could be the perfect fit for Rob Lowe who hasn’t been able to take on a leading role since leaving the West Wing. He was great in that strong ensemble cast and he should be again.
  • Kidnapped is now Cancelled – After reducing the order and moving it to Saturdays this great show is going to be burned off on the Web. To add insult to injury NBC’s going to stick the worst of the Law & Orders, CI in its place.

2 Responses to TV News & Stories from the Web – November 2

  1. jim says:

    re: Rob Lowe — what? you didn’t like Lion’s Den?
    I can’t make myself watch any show with Callista Flockhart.

    On a completely unrelated note: have you given up on The Wire? I’m watching the current season – it’s not flashy, but I’m enjoying it.

  2. avster says:

    I still love The Wire. After the first few episodes I got behind and decided that I like the show better when I can watch it all in a row. So I’m waiting until a week or 2 before the finale and I’ll watch the whole season together.

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