Brothers & Sisters – Season 1, Episode 7

My first few reviews of this show were pretty ambivalent. On the one hand I thought the show had a generally good cast but on the other I thought the characters they played were kind of boring and the conflict in the story seemed forced. The last few episodes, this show has turned around completely. I guess Greg Berlanti’s influence took a while to kick in. No one can write family drama like him.
This episode was the best of the show’s run to date. The entire Walker family (and their significant others) ended up at the family ranch to say goodbye to a place that was at the heart of their childhood. In addition to some reminicing about the good times spent there and the influential Tucker Booth, there was lots of new drama to be discussed over a pretty unique (though typical for the Walkers) family dinner. It was hard not to smile at the way Tommy’s sterility came to light, how every family member had an opinion and how the resolution to the sperm doner plot line not only gave life to the characters but also really solidified the relationships between them. Throw Rob Lowe into the mix in a few weeks and I think we have a winner.

Avi’s Episode Rating: A-


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