Prison Break – Season 2, Episode 10

After a lackluster first 1/2 of the season since coming back from the baseball break this show has actually been fun again. Sure, the show still has mediocre dialogue and travel distance means as much on this show as it does on 24 but once you suspend belief and just enjoy it as pure entertainment Prison Break is a good way to spend an hour.

This week we saw the reunion between Michael and Tancredi with Mahone right on their tail. Somehow along the way Michael with his vast intellectual capacity deduced that Mahone is actually a bad guy out to kill, not capture, the escapees and their first face to face confrontation is likely going to set the tone for the cat and mouse game that will escalate in the coming weeks. Sucre tried to ZZZZZZZ. Oh sorry, I fell asleep during that part. I’m sure I didn’t miss anything. Also this week, captured Lincoln and his son Linc Jr. were rescued by his father’s band of ex-Company people who are out to expose the conspiracy. But wait, there’s a mole in the team. Who would have thought that would happen? Keep repeating to yourself: “Must keep suspending belief” and all will be fine. The former guards also tortured T-Bag, stole his key and money, and then one turned on the other walking off with the cash. Next week – more of the same fun.

Avi’s Episode Rating – B+


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