Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip – Season 1, Episode 7

Did this show remind anyone else of the classic West Wing episode from the first season when Toby and Sam went to get the next Supreme Court Justice, Edward James Olmos out of prison.  Maybe it was just me.

Like all Studio 60 episodes to date, it had moments of brilliance and moments of “I don’t care”.  Let’s start with the good.  Aaron Sorkin brings out the best in John Goodman who was great as a Nevada judge who doesn’t care for Studio 60’s Liberal humor that offends him, his friends and his community and takes it out on Tom who’s been arrested for a variety of charges.  Also, Steve Weber was his fantastic self as he defends Jordan at the same time as he recognizes the politics of being an executive at a big American corporation.  I even laughed a few times as they rehearsed the Jesus skit that wasn’t going to be aired.

Here’s the bad.  No more subplots about Jordan’s ex-husband.  I don’t care.  They need to stop using religion as the central plot and source of conflict for every episode – it was interesting once or twice but it’s become lazy storytelling that does justice to no one – liberals or conservatives.  Finally, does anyone not think that Tom is going to get off in time to do the show.  Yeah, me neither.

Bottom line:  I still hope the show can get better and have more moments of brilliance but the weaknesses are becoming more apparent as the show plays through its run.

Avi’s Episode Rating: B

2 Responses to Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip – Season 1, Episode 7

  1. jim says:

    *yawn* I didn’t even bother recording this one. Guest stars won’t make the difference, the subject matter is just not interesting enough.
    This show lost me with the prayer scene in the 2nd (?) episode.

  2. Terry says:

    I didn’t catch this, but my wife figured it out: the whole show was a Jesus sketch. Tom was Jesus, Simon was Judas, John Goodman was Pontius Pilate, the lovestruck Chinese girl was Mary Magdalene, the NBS chairman and attorney were the Pharisees. The diner scene was the last supper. At the rehearsal, Tom/Jesus was alone in feeling cold, then Simon/Judas went up to him to put the jacket around him. A short time later the authorities arrested him and led him away to Pilate.

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