The Office – Season 3, Episode 6

Another excellent episode of the best comedy on television. This week the Scranton branch of Dunder-Mifflen celebrated Diwali with Kelly (who also wrote this episode) and Michael gave the team a tutorial on Great Indians in History (including Apu from The Simpsons) and the Kama Sutra. Some great moments in this week’s episode included:

  • Michael and Carol (Carell’s real wife) dressed in Halloween costumes – the 2 headed Michael and a cheerleader respectively
  • Dwight’s Lord of the Ringesque description of Diwali
  • Michael’s rebuffed proposal closely followed by his attempt to kiss Pam (I was yelling “Don’t Do It” at my TV), once again highlighting Carell’s brilliance at balancing Michael the clueless idiot with Michael the sympathetic sad sack.
  • Jim’s drunken rendition of the Indigo Girls’ Closer to Fine
  • Roy’s attempt to spend some time with Pam
  • Kelly’s parents (played by her real parents) quizzing Ryan about his future and his response about buying an X-Box360.
  • The closing rendition of The Diwali Song as a homage to Adam Sandler

Next week’s episode is called Branch Closing. Only 3 days to go. Whoo, hoo.

Avi’s episode rating: A


One Response to The Office – Season 3, Episode 6

  1. kurt says:

    The closing rendition made the whole episode for me.

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