How I Met Your Mother – Season 2, Episode 7

I haven’t been reviewing this show as much as I would like.  If I had been writing about it every episode this season would have been given an A or A-.  Every week this show has made me laugh out loud multiple times and in particular I’d like to single out the episodes where Lily moved in with Barney and the one focusing on Ted’s architect job as particularly funny.  Unfortunately this week’s episode was the worst this season measured by the few laughs I had.  It started out well enough with a good rip on Friends and the use of a coffee house as a meeting place over a bar.  It also had not 1, not 2 but 3 former Joss Whedon characters (Lily/ Willow, Crazy Eyes Chloe/ Inara and unamed coffee guy/ Andrew the Nerd of Doom).  Marshall and Lily even got back together.  But none of these were enough to save this episode which seemed more focused on calling Barney – Swarley 30 times instead of writing new jokes.  If I sound disappointed, it’s because I am.  I love this show so I look forward to a better episode next week and it pains me to give this week’s episode….

Avi’s Episode Rating: C+


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