Smallville – Season 6, Episodes 1-4

I finally started to watch this season of Smallville. As I’ve mentioned before I’m a big comic fan but this show has always been hit or miss for me. I like the mythology behind it and how the show has handled the Lex-Clark dynamic. I’ve also liked the addition of characters like Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, and Oliver Queen. The problem is I find the show a chore to watch. I don’t generally look forward to it and I tend to fast forward through the villain of the week part.  Every season I end up with a backlog of episodes as I delay watching week after week. Well my PVR is full so I’ve decided to what they call in the comic book world “wait for the trade”. Smallville is now officially off my list and I’ll catch up next summer.

Avi episode rating: C+


One Response to Smallville – Season 6, Episodes 1-4

  1. Braemon says:

    you may be right about this show being a chore to watch, but it is the good kind of chore. if you miss one you’ll miss out on the upbrining of DC’s greatest hero.. i would give this show an A+ but it is to jumpy on the storyline, but it at least deserves a B+ or an A- for the creativity.

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