Veronica Mars – Season 3, Episode 6

A few weeks ago I wrote that I wanted to see more of Veronica in her criminology class so that’s what we got tonight.  I liked seeing Veronica on the hunt for who framed her for plagiarism.  I don’t think it was particularly surprising that it was the TA but what was surprising was the reason.  He wanted to shatter any illusions she might have about her potential mentor by setting up a mystery that would lead her to expose the professor’s affair with the dean’s wife.  Veronica also found time to matchmake, expose a rape victim’s lie and get the editor of the paper fired.  Keith in the meantime almost got killed in a car accident and slept with his married client while Wallace decided on his education over basketball.  Finally Logan asks Veronica to prove his friend innocent of being the campus rapist because they were together during the time of one of the rapes and Logan can’t tell her what they were doing.

To sum up, lots happened and it was a good episode with lots of plots in the air.  My one big complaint is I’m not finding enough momentum on the rape storyline.  It’s been too much on the backburner and I’m starting to lose interest.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t need the complexity of last year’s mystery but it feels like a bit too much of an afterthought this year.  Hopefully it will ramp up as the show ends its first mystery arc in the next week or 2.

Avi’s Episode Rating: B+

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