Lost – Season 3, Episode 6

Before I get into my review of this week’s Lost, let me start by saying that I miss Firefly and Serenity kicked ass. Seeing Nathan Fillion tonight and Morena Baccarin on How I Met Your Mother earlier this week how great these characters were. But enough about shows gone by.

I liked this week’s episode but really not much happened. Kate’s back story was interesting with her getting married to a cop but taking off before she settled too much into a new life that could end at any time. We also saw Kate finally make her choice, choosing Sawyer over Jack, with Jack finding out in a pretty unfortunate way. This manipulates him into agreeing to perform surgery on Ben to get off the island. This sets up the cliffhanger where Jack gives Kate (and Sawyer???) time to run or Ben dies. That’s it, unfortunately. I’m not complaining about not getting any answers to the larger mysteries of the show. However, the narrative is just getting reduced every week and I think the audience needs some forward motion to stay interested.

There have been a bunch of articles this week slamming Lost for going on hiatus for 13 weeks. Personally, I think it’s a great move. Last season’s schedule with episodes spread out infrequently over a 9 month period really interrupted the flow and momentum of the show. It made me understand why people would rather wait for the DVD. Having the show air every week was better for 24 and it will be better for Lost too.

Now all they have to do is turn it back up to 11 between now and February 7th and I’ll be back. Reading this interview today with Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse makes me hopeful that the show will fix some of the things that have been broken so far this season.

Avi’s Episode Rating: B


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