The OC – Season 4, Episode 1 & 2

Wow did last season suck. There I got that out of my system just as the OC seems to have gotten Marissa out of its system.

Two episodes into the new season and they really are starting to recapture some of the things that made this show the guilty pleasure that it was in its first season. Let’s review. We had cage matches, Luke’s weird brothers, working in a comic store as a profession that lets you yell at little kids who aren’t as geeky as you, hippy Summer, hippy prophet Bright (still love him), a reunited Cohen family, secret deals, married Taylor, slutty fight the double standard roommates, a trip to Mexico, tattoos, an inspired Julie, Marissa’s little sister and a whole bunch of great one liners. Welcome back to my weekly viewing schedule bitch.

I’m not sure how the show is going to survive against CSI and Grey’s Anatomy but maybe this move to Wednesday will be permanent where it will have a fighting chance until Lost returns.

Avi’s Episode Rating: B+


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