The OC – Season 4, Episode 3

Who would have thought that Marissa’s relationship with the characters of the OC would be more interesting with her dead than alive.  Tonight’s episode, even more than the first 2, focused on the aftermath of Marissa’s death and at a true OC holiday.  Ryan in full brooding mode came face to face with Volczek (sp?) and let his better nature prevail (after hitting him of course) opting for sending him to prison over killing him.  Summer meanwhile came to realize that she is running away from anything that reminds her of Marissa including Seth but still left at the end.  Julie is a mess but we saw a sliver of her old self as she threatens Neil as he runs away to Seattle Grace (the hospital from Grey’s Anatomy).

But don’t think the whole episode was depressing.  We also got lots of good OC humor including homeless Thanksgiving guests (it’s funnier than it sounds), Battlestar Galactica references, Taylor, Taylor and more Taylor.

The season is off to a promising start.

Avi’s Episode Rating: B+


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