Friday Night Lights Renewed For a Season

Just as I was losing faith in TV networks comes this great news today from NBC

 “We’re proud to reward an authentic, poignant series like ‘Friday Night Lights’ with a full-season order, demonstrating our confidence in it’s appeal and quality,” said Reilly. “Television critics and devoted fans have supported the show with well-deserved praise for the executive producers, writers and exceptionally talented cast.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.  If there was a show that I was sure was going to be cancelled it was Friday Night Lights.  It isn’t a procedural like one of the 10,000 CBS shows.  It isn’t a high concept show like Heroes or Lost.  It isn’t a soapy show like Desperate Housewives.  It isn’t edgy like The Sopranos or The Shield.  It isn’t a cult favourite like Battlestar Galactica.  

Friday Night Lights is just great TV with a fantastic cast, interesting and multi-dimensional characters and stories that are full of humour and drama.  Most of all, it’s a show that leaves you at the end of every episode feeling not only entertained but exhilarated. 

Kudos to NBC for renewing Friday Night Lights for a full season and making a decision that most other networks wouldn’t have the patience or good taste to make. 

3 Responses to Friday Night Lights Renewed For a Season

  1. […] I watched this week’s Friday Night Lights with a much greater sense of ease this week now that it’s been confirmed for a full season.  Before I was a little concerned that I was getting too emotionally involved in a series that was about to be cancelled, now I can just sit back and enjoy.  I could write another rave review of this week’s episode but I’m in way too much danger of repeating myself praising the amazing cast and how this show packs more heart and emotion into a single hour than any other show on TV. […]

  2. Ann Lane says:

    I love Friday Night Lights and hope that it will be renewed. It is the BEST show on TV and NBC should definetly bring it back. How can I find out if it will be renewed? Thanks

  3. Ann Lane says:

    Please renew Friday Night Lights. It is the BEST TV show that I have seen in a long while. I am a high school teacher and find the story line realistic and very well acted.

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