Friday Night Lights – Episode 7 – Homecoming

I watched this week’s Friday Night Lights with a much greater sense of ease this week now that it’s been confirmed for a full season.  Before I was a little concerned that I was getting too emotionally involved in a series that was about to be cancelled, now I can just sit back and enjoy.  I could write another rave review of this week’s episode but I’m in way too much danger of repeating myself praising the amazing cast and how this show packs more heart and emotion into a single hour than any other show on TV.

This week the show focused on homecoming in Dillon and the impact that celebrity has on the football players of the Panthers past and present.  Outside of Jason Street’s story, a lot of the show’s focus to date has been on the perks of being a local football hero.  Jason’s story has been presented as a bit of an anomaly – a bad break for a football player, rather than a risk that each player faces.  That hasn’t made it any less meaningful but the storyline has been maintained somewhat separately – until tonight.  Whether it was the former star who blew out his knee and lost his scholarship or Smash cracking under the pressure of needing to become a star and ultimately turning to steroids to bulk up or Jason showing up at the homecoming game but left on the sidelines, this week’s episode really emphasized the reality that celebrity can be fleeting and most people don’t ever make it to the big time.

Everything else I’ve said about Friday Night Lights in earlier posts still stands.  This is one of the best shows on the air today and it continues to get my highest recommendation.

Avi’s Episode Rating: A


2 Responses to Friday Night Lights – Episode 7 – Homecoming

  1. Vance says:

    Seriously, I’ve run out of things to say about this show cause its ALWAYS SO DAMN GOOD with pitch perfect scripts and scary good acting, but I basically just keep repeating myself by heaping praise on this show! (Of course, now when will other people actually listen to us and actually watch this damn show?)

  2. avster says:

    Like you I’m telling anyone and everyone I know, Vance.

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