Veronica Mars – Season 3, Episode 7 – Of Vice and Men

I think tonight’s Veronica Mars may have been the strongest of the season.  I’ve been feeling until now that the central mystery has been as tightly woven as it has been in earlier seasons.  I’ve always liked how the show has successfully balanced the mystery of the week with the larger mystery while mixing in great dialogue and character moments.  This season even though I’ve liked the episodes, I’ve felt detached from the core mystery.  Until this week.

This is the Veronica Mars show I know and love.  We have Veronica helping a girl find her missing boyfriend as the mystery of the week.  We have Veronica helping our suspected rapist prove his innocence.  We have Veronica avoiding Logan and her father as they both disappoint her.  We have Veronica back in class and offered an internship at the FBI (go Veronica) while writing a paper to plan a murder.  We have Veronica almost becoming a victim of the campus rapist as her drink gets drugged and her head shaved before Logan comes to her rescue.  Finally, we also have Veronica realizing that even when the people she loves disappoint her, they still are there for her.

I’m going to go on record this week and say that I think the Dean is the rapist.  I was right last year when I called Beaver the killer about mid-way through the season so I’m giving it another shot.

As I wrote earlier in the week Veronica has been extended 3 more episodes and I hope it gets the full season it deserves.

Avi’s Episode Rating – A

3 Responses to Veronica Mars – Season 3, Episode 7 – Of Vice and Men

  1. cara shuckett says:

    Dead on about VM. I also thought about the Dean being the rapist…but I will give it to you if you are right. I also thought tonights episode was the best of the season. I really loved how they focused her relationship with dad. I always felt that the way the chemistry between them was a strength in the show, and all the stuff last night really worked. as usual I loved friday night lights. I am not a crazy tv person, but tuesdays are officially my tv night. Thanks for the blog…i love reading your comments on the shows i watch.

  2. Vance says:

    I think (and hope) that the new cynical Veronica (and less likeable) is on purpose since she seems to be pissing off everybody at Hearst, but seemed to be turning around after Logan saved the day in the parking garage in this ep.

  3. windyharbor says:

    interesting guess on the rapist and a good review of the episode… thank god we got a full* season

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