Lost Has Way too Many Loose Ends – A Top 50 List

IGN is posting a list of the top 50 loose ends on Lost.  The fact that they’ve identified 50 top unresolved issues and that there are likely numerous more is one of the things that worries me about Lost.  It’s clear that many of these will never be resolved and I’m not sure I care about them hitting all of them.  I’m more concerned that as the show continues to build they’re going to keep adding more new loose ends than they do tie up old ones.  As I’ve said before, I still like this show a lot and am hopeful that when the show hits the end of its run I will be satisfied with the overall series.  However, I would feel much better if the creators announced that this is a finite show that will end in 2 more years.  It would stop me from worrying the show will drag out mysteries and add new loose ends far longer than it should and instead let me better enjoy the ride.


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