Fox Cancels OJ Show and Book…but they’re still idiots

I wrote last week about Fox’s OJ Simpson show “If I Did It” and how this has to be one of the most tasteless things I’ve ever seen and like many predicted high ratings.  Well common sense did prevail and today Fox announced that they’re cancelling the book and not airing the show after tons of criticism in the press and the refusal of some affiliates to put the show on TV.  I know it’s said that any publicity is good publicity but I can’t see how there is any win here for Fox.  After a season of generally poor ratings I don’t think this show would have fixed the network despite its appeal to the basest human voyeur instinct. 

Bottom line, I’m not going to praise Fox for making a decision that they should have made from the outset.  Instead I’m going to shrug my shoulders and continue to expect no more from the network that once brought us Joe Millionaire and Temptation Island before finding the gold mine that is American Idol. 


3 Responses to Fox Cancels OJ Show and Book…but they’re still idiots

  1. Travis says:

    Even thought I am a conservative, I have never been a fan of anything FOX. They are all about the dollar, and they will promote what they think sell. If it is crude entertainment they will air it. If it is shocking news, they will air it. If they can get away with calling themselves fair and balanced, they will air it.

  2. Vance says:

    Apparently now there’s a story that Fox tried to buy off the families before deciding to pull the plug. Nice.

  3. jim says:

    Murdoch came out and said that it was a bad idea from the outset — his senior management report that it was his idea. Nice.

    OJ now says that it wasn’t a confession, just a shameless cash grab for his kids. Do his kids somehow need more money than the rest of us? Oh right, they need it for security because their dad killed their mother, I forgot.

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