It Looks Like The Nine is Cancelled

Effective immediately it looks like ABC has cancelled The Nine.  I’m a few weeks behind on the show and actually was waiting to see if ABC picked it up before catching up.  This is one of those cases where I didn’t think no news was good news.

Personally I liked the show.  It had great actors and an interesting premise although I did think the narrative was moving a little too slowly.  My one concern with the show was I didn’t see how it would have legs beyond a single season.  There was no way for the central mystery of what happened in the bank to be drawn out beyond a year and I’m not sure following the characters for too much longer after that was going to be sufficiently compelling.

It’s too bad though.  Another risky serial show cancelled while unoriginal shows like Criminal Minds and the rest of the CBS lineup thrive in the ratings.  Fortunately I don’t think this will discourage ABC from taking risks with its programming next season given its success with Lost, Desperate Housewives, Brothers & Sisters, etc.

9 Responses to It Looks Like The Nine is Cancelled

  1. lynn says:

    All of the show nowadays if they’re not reality shows, they’re cancelled before the end of the first season.

  2. karen says:

    Of course ABC had to put The Nine on hiatus – whenever a show is brilliantly written, with an incredibly talented cast, it is obviously doomed. This was the best show of the season. I would hope that ABC would find another time slot and bring it back.

  3. carm says:

    wonder where we can write to protest. this was a GREAT show.

  4. Jackie says:

    I can’t believe they are cancelling it! I want to know what happened in the bank!!!

  5. If they do cancel this show, lets be fair and also cancel LOST and HEROS. Basically the same formula applies and I hate both of these show also.

  6. cathy says:

    I LOVED this show. How can I go on not knowing what happened to all those people? Karen, you are right — it was just too well written and acted — of course it had to be cancelled. ABC didn’t even give it a chance to find its audience.

  7. Sydney Myers says:

    For anyone who has yet to do so there are online petitions and a postcard campaign taking place. Hiatus is the time to let the network know that we are tired of seeing rare intelligent dramas like “The Nine” not given a fair shake. ABC continues to air idiotic shows like Wife Swap and SuperNanny while putting The Nine on hiatus. Do they think that all t.v. viewers are children or uneducated adults? Keep “Lost” for the kids, but bring back “The Nine” for the adult viewers. Here’s one of the petitions and the address for ABC if you want to contribute to our campaigning. It’s ain’t over yet folks…I’ve yet to hear the fat lady sing…

    ABC Television Network
    500 Buena Vista Street
    Burbank, CA. 91521-4551

  8. Jeffery says:

    One of the few shows I enjoyed, and the only show I watch on ABC. Now I have no reason to watch anything on their network. LOST is just LOST to me………

  9. Eto says:

    You know, I wonder.. Dutch tv has bought this, and I’ve been watching it for the past couple of weeks. But what is up with networks buying shows that are cancelled? And what is up with shows getting cancelled without being given the chance to prove themselves? The Nine is/was a cool combo of 24-like focus on detail, describing a limited timespan at length, and a Lost-like focus on the characters as the story develops. The formula is strong. So what’s up? Just ratings? Why not say scr*w ratings for once, we get our profit from Lost etc. and use some cash to make good tv?

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