Fox denies rumors that the OC is cancelled and The Loop has its order cut – Updated

Update: OC has now been officially cancelled despite what this article said a couple of months ago.  Click here to see my updated posting.

Now here’s my original post:

TV Guide has an article today with Fox refuting rumors in a Montana paper that The OC has been cancelled.  Fox says that the show will complete its 16 episode order.

What does this say to me?  The show may finish out the short season but don’t expect The OC to be back next year.  I’ve actually enjoyed the show much more this season than either of the last 2.  I never really like the Marissa character and with her gone the show seems to have “found its funny” again.   Still, I don’t think it’s that bad if the show ends this year.  It’s had a good 4 season run and generally been a fun program to watch as a viewer but a show like this can’t go on forever.  Look how Dawson’s Creek and Beverly Hills 90210 went way past their primes.  My only hope is that the show gets notice that it won’t be coming back and the creators take advantage of that to wrap up the storylines in a way that the show and viewers deserve.

Other news has Fox cutting The Loop’s order from 13 to 10 with the explanation that there are other shows that Fox wants to air.  I guess after such a lackluster fall season the network needs to spread out its risk by launching a few shows.  Either that or we’re going to be seeing all American Idol, all the time.  I’m disappointed in The Loop getting a lesser order.  It really grew on me last year and had me laughing consistently throughout every episode.  10 episodes are better than none though.

16 Responses to Fox denies rumors that the OC is cancelled and The Loop has its order cut – Updated

  1. sourlime says:

    I’ve seen a lot of positive buzz for the OC this year; a lot of people who say they weren’t really watching last year but got back into it again this year. It could just be the places I hang out, but I feel bad that it’s being cut short. A final year is bad enough, but what’s with all the short seasons for non-returning shows?

  2. ERR nOOO says:

    FUCK U!! BETTER WITHOUT MARISSA IT SICKENS ME TO THE STOMACHE I HATE IT!! I WISH IT GETS CANCElLED AND I AM DISSAPOINTED IT HASnT BEEN CANCELLED!!! It’ so played! Seth and Summer will get married copying One Tree Hill………… Ryan will get with Taulor or Theresa or whoever but NONE of them are as pretty as Mischa…. it actually makes me laugh Mischa Barton is famous and the ret of the cast are well……. NOT! the OC isnt the OC and millions of fans have aid so!! Cancelled or not i am glad mischa left i didnt want her to be associated with such a CRAPPY show! Good with it FOX the OC is all yours………………. HAahahahah 😀 😀 LMFAO!

  3. ras4eva says:

    i totally agree you are so funny the oc does suck it is hilarous me and my friends switched the channel from grey’s anatomy just for jokes and we burst out laughing Ryan and Taylor are so pathetic Seth and Summer boring Sandy and um um whatever his boring’s wife’s name Catlin talks like she inhaled 10 crickets it’s so hilarously lame thank godness for Veronica Mars One Tree Hill and Grey’s Anatomy & Deseprate Housewives real shows! AND THANK YOU FOR MAKING CW! OC not cancelled what a joke i didnt even know there was a christmas episode i thought it already got axed!! OMG! I am laughing so hard with my friend Alex

    Alex says No i disagree it’s not pathetic it’s sad 😀 OMG cant believe it is still going on i feel it has been like 4 years and with how old Benjamin McKenzie looks it might as well be…

  4. Candice says:

    The OC is way better this year and if this is the last year, then I hope it finishes out the season with a good ending worthy of the first 3 seasons. If you had told me last year that I would be excited to see Ryan and Taylor together…well, there’s just no way I’d believe it, but it’s true. They complement each other well and bravo for not just ditching Marissa at the first episode this season. The first 7 episodes have been haunting, emotional, but also laugh out loud funny at the same time.

  5. Lauren says:

    I really hope they dont cancel this show & if they do i hope they renew it really soon. The oc has to be the best show on television. Its either you are completely obsessed with the show or you hate it. A lot of people would be devastated if they took this show off air including me, the oc is pretty much all i watch, its either season 1-3 on dvd or a new episode of season 4, youll never see me play anything else on my television. The oc puts me in a good mood, it has a great plot & im so glad it got this far but i bet it can go further. So please dont cancel it! its such a great show it makes me laugh & cry and i love it a lot!

  6. j says:

    To whom those people are with such negitive attitutes, they dont know what they are talking about. The OC might be different. But they did a good job making the show what it is without marissa. I still watch it and the oc was my all time favorie show and still is. I hope it doesnt get cancelled. but if it does it had a good run. 🙂 Thanks for making my thursdays night exciting! 🙂 I love the show!!

  7. Doreen says:

    I really hope they don’t cancell the OC. I enjoy watching the show. I know we have the reality show like Luguna Beach and OC real housewife. We live reality ever day of our lifes a little fantay in our lifes. Also on the reality show about rich kids they show how disrepectable they are to peopleand their parents think it is ok. On the OC they show that money is not everything that if you get in trouble rich or not still conscious. The OC is a program that teen’s and parent can watch together and is interesting to all. I really hope they renew the OC

  8. ERR nOOO says:

    i don’t no what i was talking about before, its amazing, im an idiot

  9. Dee says:

    I have not really read anything that makes me believe the OC is cancelled. I was diappointed last year when marissa god killed off, but still find the show very enjoyable. I watch the Oc every week with my daughter, who is a die hard fan

  10. I think we can still get them to continue the show with enough support. Since when is 4 MILLION people worth nothing! It is amazing that 4 million viewers for an episode isn’t enough to keep a great show alive. Well, don’t give up, there are ways to support this cause and keep the show alive.

  11. KAR says:

    They better not cancel the showw!
    illl be pissed, and if they do on fox they should put it on another channel.
    Marrisa dyin was a good thing but she was a good character.
    the would show be borin with her still there.
    they made a good move and better not get rid of it on fox.
    cause if they do whatever is in its place will not have better ratings.

  12. CAA says:

    The OC is an awesome show and should not be cancelled. I agree that the show has gotten better this season! DON”T DO IT FOX!!!!!!!!!

  13. gdhmmd says:

    wtf is the loop??? come on OC ROCKS … everyone i know watches it.. stuff viewing shit…. OC FOREVA .. and mischa barton cant act for shit … get ova her and creat freakin drama fox.. k luv yaz all mwamwa

  14. cristina says:

    Thank God they cancelled that dumb show!!! It was all about a bunch of stuck-up rich kids who overdramatize everything.

  15. misterdoodi says:

    WTF is the the loop? It’s the best darn sitcom Fox since the Married with the Children years. CBS is trying to copy it with “How I met your mother” and “The Class”. It’s like those 2 shows but more clever and funnier.

  16. Joe_16 says:

    The OC is a very well created publishing of Josh.It`s got everything that any good TV program has.From being sarcastic, to funny, to sensitive and so on and so forth.I really hope that THE OC won`t get cancelled. One love to the lovers and haters of THE OC out there!

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