How I Met Your Mother – Season 2, Episode 10 – Single Stamina

I’ve written many times about my love for this show but this week my enjoyment reached a new high.  If you haven’t seen this video of Barney and Marshall singing Confrontation from Les Miserables go watch and then come back to read my review of this episode.  As a die hard Les Miz fan who thinks seeing any other play is a waste of money, seeing the cast of one of my favourite shows knock this out of the park was in the words of Barney, legendary.

Now on to the review.  This week’s episode was another classic as we’re introduced to Barney’s black, gay brother James who comes to town just in time to save the 5th wheel of our show from becoming another of the old people in the Willy Wonka movie.   But James is keeping a secret from his brother – he’s sitting down, he’s not hitting on guys and he’s texting in the corner – he’s in a relationship.

Barney doesn’t take it well and after seeing the scenes of the 2 of them as each other’s wingman it’s hard to blame him.  I loved his rant about gay culture being a leading indicator of people’s behaviour and how gay marriage will lead other people to want to be in relationships which will spoil Barney’s ability to be legendary.  Hard not to hear this and think of Neil Patrick Harris’s recent coming out, which only made this all the more brilliant.  Great to see Barney come around in the end after finding out he’s going to be an uncle.

Also, really enjoyed the men vs. women discussion between Ted-Marshall and Robin-Lily on the meat market culture of dating and how the role reversal played out.

The only question I was left with at the end is whether the show meant for us to know that surprisingly Ted and Robin would still be together a year later and not so surprisingly Lily and Marshall would be married.  I hope so.  Not that I regard continuity to be that important in a sitcom but I would be much happier to know that it’s not a mistake.

Bottom line, another brilliant episode.

Avi’s Episode Rating: A+


One Response to How I Met Your Mother – Season 2, Episode 10 – Single Stamina

  1. Vance says:

    I personally like the continuity but I did notice that they never actually mention anything about them still being together in the future. We just seem them dance together but it looks like it could also possibly be friends asking each other to dance. Or I’m just reading way too much into it and we still won’t meet “mother” for another year.

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