Veronica Mars – Season 3, Episode 9 – Spit & Eggs

After a season that has been kind of uneven, this episode was sure packed with all kinds of Veronica goodness.

The show started with Logan breaking up with Veronica and as much as I wanted them to be together the first 2 seasons, since they’ve been together Veronica has become unlikable and Logan has lost his Loganesque charm. By the end of the episode both seemed like they were on the way back to being their old selves.

All the Veronica regulars made appearances this week even if they didn’t all have something to do (yes Weevil that means you). Still it was good to see the return of Mac and it’s always great to see Dick. I got nervous midway through last week that maybe Dick would turn out to be the rapist, at least until I remembered that the storyline started last year. It’s a good thing. Every time he and Veronica are together in a scene we get some of the best lines of any episode.

This week also brought us the end of the first mystery arc of the season and started the next one. So, I went on the record a few weeks ago that I thought the rapist was the dean. I admitted I had nothing to back it up and clearly I’m no Perry Mason. There’s been a lot of buzz online that the reveal of Mercer and Moe seemed out of left field. I didn’t find it too unreasonable given that they found the GHB and razor in Mercer’s stuff a few weeks ago and that Moe has been driving the safety mobile since the beginning of the show. My one complaint is that the show really didn’t make it too clear, after last week’s reveal, which rapes were committed by Mercer and Moe and which were faked. Still, as long as the show is internally consistent, I’m happy with the ending.

Speaking of the ending, the show concluded with the murder of the dean and Logan getting himself thrown in prison with the rapists. Ahh the things we do for love. Can’t wait until January.

Unfortunately I need to conclude this posting with the upsetting news that Rob Thomas is replacing his final mystery arc of the season with stand alone ones. Rob, if I wanted to watch CSI or any other procedural I would. I watch Veronica Mars for the balance of characters, mysteries of the week and a big, overarching, hairy detective story. Please stick to plan and continue to make me and the rest of your fans happy.

Avi’s Episode Rating: A


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