Top Shows of 2006

I’m working on my end of year TV review section and would love to hear from you.

What were the best shows you watched this year?  Who were your favourite characters?  Which new shows are you watching and which old ones did you finally give up on?

Let me know what you think!

7 Responses to Top Shows of 2006

  1. sourlime says:

    Using my filter on Calendar for TV:

    I like Battlestar Galactica, but I don’t have the same love for it that I used to. So much potential, so much pretty, but I just can’t seem to care anymore.

    I’ve always watched Gilmore Girls with mom and/or Jill, and kept up on my own when they’re not available. I’m enjoying this year, but just want it to play out.

    I keep on almost dropping House. and then get pulled in by one more good episode. Hopefully that will happen again soon.

    I loved Eureka, and can’t wait for it to start up again. Definitely deserved more attention than it got. The kind of sci fi show that should appeal to a broader spectrum.

    How I Met Your Mother has the stupidest format/premise and the best characters. I can’t not love it. NPH is great, but I’ve also loved Jason Segel since I first saw Freaks and Geeks.

    I haven’t even watched anything past the first half of the first season of My Name is Earl, since I can’t find an easy way to get it, but I still consider it one of the best shows on tv.

    I just started watching The Office this year, and I completely fell for it. I see why it’s so popular with everyone. It’s a must-see show for me.

    I don’t watch much Scrubs, but I keep on pretending I’m going to.

    My giant guilty pleasure is Stargate Atlantis, which shouldn’t be as enjoyable as it is, but which I just love watching. It’s must-see viewing for me.

    I started watching Stargate SG-1 because I knew I’d want to watch SGA and I hate not seeing shows from the beginning. It’s my guiltier pleasure, except without nearly the same amount of pleasure.

    I’m glad NBC stuck with Studio 60, although it’s never ever going to be my Sports Night.

    I know you don’t like Ugly Betty, but I keep on grabbing it. I like the characters and the weirdness. Not as good as HIMYM or MNIE, but in the same ballpark.

    Nothing will ever live up to the first season of Veronica Mars, but I’m absolutely sticking with this show through the end. It’s my third must-see show on the air.

  2. sourlime says:

    (To be precise, VM is my favourite of three, but it’s the third I mentioned.)

  3. cara shuckett says:

    I started the season with two shows that I was commited to-Veronica Mars and Lost. I don’t have cable or tivo and my VCR doesn’t record so I only watch the main network shows. (i have watched the HBO shows by Netflix or my brother in law-sex and the city, entourage, big love, six feet under) Therefore I am very selective about the shows I commit to. In the end i have been left with 4 shows: Veronica Mars, Friday Night Lights, Brothers and Sisters and Lost.
    my summary of the season:
    Heroes-i watched a few of them. great show! but made a choice to not watch it on a weekly basis. I look forward to borrowing the dvd’s or doing netflix.
    Studio 60- started watching the first few episodes but i just wasn’t good enough to commit to. it is on late and i just don’t have the time…
    Six degrees-started watching mostly because it seemed like a cool concept and i was mentioned in this blog about the show. IT SUCKED!!!! I think it may have even been cancelled.
    Lost-I watched the first seasons of lost on netflix which was great. last season started to loose it for me. I found this seaon a little on the silly side. It really bothered me that they brought in new characters who were in the crash and it really feels like the show doesn’t have any clue where it is going. however, i will watch the rest of the season-it just doesn’t excite me like it used to. it is my least favorite of my shows that i commit to.
    Brothers and sisters-i really like this show. sunday nights are hard-beginning of the work week, winding down from the weekend. This show is the perfect sunday night activity. I really like the family dynamics and am totally drawn into the characters and their stories. Not my favorite of the season but i really love it and it remains on my exclusive list. the show takes me back to good ol’ family dramas that i love like party of five and everwood.
    Americas top model-it is so shameful, but i really like watching this show when i am home and have nothing better to do. of course i have to be doing other things at the same time because it doesn’t exactly keep me engaged for the hour. not a show i commit to-but i do enjoy the odd episode.
    Friday night lights- i love it! my second fave of the season. my husband thinks it is crazy that i watch a football show since he is the NFL obsessed in the family. But please-it is so beyond the football thing. besides i grew up on football so it is not even a stretch. I love a good high school drama show that has an edge and is actually interesting. A great new show! i love tuesdays!
    Veronica Mars- I save my favorite for last. Not so consistent this year, but when it is good it is good. the hour flies and i can’t understand where the time went. there were a few weak episodes but it was a great new season. Love it.
    Sopranoes-i thought i would mention that i finally joined the rest of the world and have been watching the show on dvd. wow! i just finished the first season and it was amazing and intense. it is definately worth my time. i have a lot of catching up to do!

  4. kurt says:

    Definitely Lost, Battlestar, Prison Break, HIMYM and now Heroes and maybe Dexter. Oh and I still haven’t given up on Family Guy and South Park, they still crank out some very politically and societally relevant (read raunchy and innapropriate) humour on occasion.

    I gave up on Studio 60, My Name is Earl, Jericho and Smallville. Just got bored with them and there were better things to fill my time with.

    Favourite characters:
    Barney (NPH) – HIMYM
    Kate (Evangaline) – LOST
    Dexter (Hall) – DEXTER
    Micheal Scofield (Wentworth) – PRISON BREAK

  5. Vance says:

    I’m starting to compile my list, which will now probably extend beyond 10 shows because along with the regulars (VM, Lost, Scrubs, The Office, Grey’s), the now cancelled (Arrested Development, Everwood), the HBO’s (Weeds, Entourage), and the newbies, (Friday Night Lights, Heroes, Ugly Betty) (and to think I haven’t even started watching Battlestar, Dexter, or Big Love yet), the moving-up fast (HIMYM, New/Old Christine, The Loop) and the realities (Project Runway, SYTYCD, maybe TAR)… I’ve got a long list to whittle down.

    Sadly, I felt PB, House and GG had better times.

  6. Tim says:

    Newcomer fav’s: Heroes and Daybreak.
    The sleeper: Dexter
    Back again: The Office
    Moments of greatness from: House, Grey’s Anatomy, Prison Break.
    Overall disapointments: Lost, Veronica Mars, Studio 60 (but I still watch)
    Don’t Darken my doorstep: Jericho, The Nine, 3 lbs (thank god, only 3 episodes)
    Cancelled and I’m not happy: Vanished

  7. Ender says:

    The best show this year is Veronica Mars, Hands Down. Heres my personal list.

    1) VERONICA MARS – It is a critic loving show. Smart plot and dialogue. Great wrting, acting and just great quality. Lots and suspense, drama, and especially mystery. A show that makes your heart pound to every event with its great arc mysteries throughout. Has every genre in it.

    2) HEROES – Amazing action, drama, suspense and great chain of actors/actresses. A great supernatural taste through all the minds of the viewers. Use of cast and super powers just makes the show great to watch as a cherry on top. Awesome writing and great put-together.

    3) HOUSE – Every episode has an awesome plot to it that makes it interesting. Very smart show and comedy, drama and suspense. The best show on the FOX network at the moment. It gives a lot of emotion through the pilot to the finale.

    OTHER GREAT SHOWS – Prison Break and Grey’s Anatomy, Nip/Tuck and Ugly Betty, Supernatural
    RAN OUT OF GAS – Lost. The series is dead. Now long do you have to be stuck on an island for.
    GREAT SITCOMS – My name is earl, The office, Everybody Hates Chris
    CANCELLED SHOWS THAT ARE GREAT – Arressted Development, Tru Calling


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