Has ABC Cancelled Day Break?

ABC recently announced that when Lost returns February 7th it will air at 10:00. In the same announcement ABC said that its new comedies The Knights of Prosperity and In Case of Emergency would be premiering January 3rd at 9:00 and 9:30 respectively. That’s the time slot when Day Break currently airs and if you do the math it’s about 4 weeks and 4 episodes before its scheduled to end.

Personally, I’m still a few weeks behind but I hear good things about the show and in an era of serial shows that run without an end in sight it’s good to support serialized shows that have a clear beginning, middle and end.

ABC hasn’t made an official statement that the show has been cancelled but all signs are pointing to yes.  Hopefully the network can find at least some time to air the remaining episodes and give viewers closure.


59 Responses to Has ABC Cancelled Day Break?

  1. The Robman says:

    Daybreak is my absolute favorite show on TV right now, and it was a great concept – a 12 part mini-series, so there should be no danger of having it drag on for years and years without actually going anywhere (ie, like the series it replaced: LOST).

  2. Chadster says:

    I love Daybreak. It is one of my favorite TV shows on right now. I think if more people saw it they would get hooked. I hope we at least get to finish the season…

  3. Jameel says:

    You know I really enjoyed watching that show and I think it’s pretty crappy that you would cancel his show. I have never watched anything on ABC up until Daybreak. Since ABC is has descided to give Daybreak the axe as a viewer I have descided to not to watch your network anymore.

  4. […] In an earlier posting I wrote that it looked like Day Break was going to be cancelled and now it’s official.  ABC announced on Friday that Day Break was cancelled and that they had no plans to air the remaining episodes. […]

  5. Candice says:

    I cannot believe that they have cancelled Day Break. It was one of the first shows that I’ve added to my “can’t-miss” list in a couple years. To not air the remaining shows is just plain offensive and I for one won’t be watching ABC any more (luckily, the rest of their shows are mind-numbingly stupid, so not watching ABC will be quite easy). Here’s hoping someone posts the remaining episodes online somewhere – or better yet, another network picks it up. Fingers crossed!!

  6. Ara says:

    Yeah just head of the cancelation of Day Break, First id like to say I found the show very intruiging and couldnt wait to watch the story unfold. Only tihng i thought could be differerent was to prmote this show as a miniseries this way people know there would be end to it this season. In stead of shows like Lost and Prison Break which seeems to never end!!!. Im disapointed in abc givin up on a show only a little more than a month in but hopefully the the rest of the episodes will be posted online.

  7. Dave says:

    Unfair that show has been pulled. ABC failed to inform possible viewers that the storyline actually has closure to it within one season. Many viewers I spoke to thought it might just go on and on and on like LOST without any real closure to any storyline.

  8. Ande Owens says:

    I will be devastated if Day Break is cancelled! I need to know what happens and why. It is a GREAT show!

  9. Matt Wittcop says:

    I cannot believe this! I need to see the rest of this series, I find it absolutely spectacular and cannot wait to see it from week to week.

  10. Todd Saberton says:

    It is unbelievable that that ABC is cancelling Daybreak!!! I only look forward to couple shows on TV , 24 on Fox and Day FREAKING BREAK!!!!

    This show is getting a raw deal and LOST JUST SUCKS!!! Matthew fox needs to go back to his crap show on fox.

  11. pablo says:

    These network exec’s are truly a bunch of idiots. I cannot put into words how furious i am at ABC. Forget ABC, Forget “Lost”, forget “Desperate Housewives” and anything else they plan to offer. This piece of crap network has cancelled all the shows the I had great interest in. Since they obviously have no concern for their faithful, its time for the faithful to have no concern for them. I am so with HBO, Showtime and Co.. at least they don’t cancel shows midstream and leave their faithful hanging in limbo. Screw ABC!!!!

  12. vincent says:

    This is insane!!!! Cancelling Day Break is just insane. Finally, a show with some variation and ABC cans it. I’ll go back to not watching TV!

  13. A Bunch of Crackers = ABC says:

    they cant let a african-american male run primetime? wtf is up with society. ppl are still actin like little girls over racism n shyt.. it never stops.. tv is ass.. Wednesdays stand for nuthing now..

  14. Ron says:

    It sucks that they are cancelling this show. I really liked it, one of the few shows i allowed myself to get hooked on, because i really thought it would be aired at the very least in it’s entirety. Its because of things like this, i’d rather just stick to renting and buying dvd’s!

  15. jc says:

    daybreak is a great show!! if it needs to be cancelled, please run the last few episodes to let the viewers and fans have closure!!!

  16. joe says:

    Whats happening here!!!! Day Break is a great short term series and abc axe it!!!!
    First time in years that a TV series caught my attention!!!!! give me a break!!!!
    Its always all about ratings, money???!!!Com’ on, just let a good show end!!!!

  17. Matt says:

    Daybreak is the only new show this season that I’m watching. When it wasn’t on today (dec 20), I suspected they cancelled it. I hope that’s not the case. They could at least try it on another day first.

  18. Mishe says:

    I am so furious that Daybreak is cancelled. I was so hooked on it too. What’s more frustrating is the feeling of not being able to do anything about it either. I don’t want to watch it on my pc either. It is just not the same but I will do so as a measure of my final support.

  19. Taye Diggs & The Hot Chick says:

    Whatever! I cannot belive they cancelled my show! It is the best show on TV, except for Lost. And the hot chick is worth every second of the show! Please, please, please bring it back!

  20. james says:


  21. Danny says:


  22. Dee Mann says:

    To the ABC execs who pulled the plug on DAYBREAK: How on Earth can you have such little respect for the viewers of this great and unique show? At long last have you no decency, does everything have to be measured in dollars and cents for you? Can you not be faithful to artistry even once instead??? I can see you pulling a show with no thread of story line, BUT DAYBREAK WAS MASTERFUL IN IT’S BUILD UP OF SUSPENSE AND DAMNIT, IT’S FRUSTRATING AS HELL TO HAVE IT YANKED AWAY SUDDENLY!!!!!! WAS IT SO HARD TO TOUGH IT OUT WHAT, SIX MORE FRIGGIN’ SHOWS????!!!!!

  23. Robin says:


    I totally missed the announcement that the show was cancelled and the crap that turned up on my video tape tonight was a shock! So hey, everybody “contact” ABC and tell them what’s what.

  24. Robin says:

    OOPs: sorry if this posts twice but here’s the link:


    I totally missed the announcement that the show was cancelled and the crap that turned up on my video tape tonight was a shock! So hey, everybody “contact” ABC and tell them what’s what.

  25. Nick says:

    This is really disappointing!! Who cancels a mini-series? It’s like alittle over a month before its over and you air reruns of other shows in its place! I mean let the miniseries ride out…. why piss milllions of people off. That’s why I stick to movies… TV always cancels shit with no good reason! ABC stands for Absolute Bullshit Channel!

  26. Nick says:

    OH btw….. you can watch the remaining episodes on abc.com. So least the mini-series will have some closure…. I mean it’s not the same as watching it on the tube, but it’s something and will still probably be released in video down the road… so you can watch in then as well. Take care.

  27. Gregg says:

    Well, it quickly became my favorite show on telvision let alone this POS network. Thank you for taking that away from me and tons of other viewers. According to Jim was an excellent idea to put in the spot. It took me all of 1.5 seconds to change the station.

  28. keNNed says:

    I love this show! How can they do this!? … It’s not logic to cancel such a good show!?

  29. Scott says:

    Everyone says you can watch remaining episodes. If so, how? I visited abc.com, and you can not in any way that I have seen, veiw unaired episodes.

  30. Clearly ABC has went CRAZY! You have up an cancelled a show that was due to be over in several weeks…..how stupid are you? Not only that you have ticked me and a host of others who have fallen under Daybreak’s spell. Well ABC, I have pretty much lost confidence in you as a network and I’m doubtful about watching something new on my local affiliate for dear of it getting cancelled.

  31. truckerswife says:

    I already heard it was going to be cancelled.

  32. It just seems to be the way things are in this new world where the model says that it has to be a hit immediately due to instant gratification. Maybe they’ll be innovative for a change and allow us to watch the series continue online, though I doubt it.

    They did the same thing to Love Monkey last season on CBS. No one wants to let a show ride out a period of starting up anymore. I posted about it back then here. The best we can hope for is that they’ll eventually realize that how people watch tv has changed enough to change how they deal with new shows.

  33. Falcore4 says:

    I am stunned that they have canceled the show. I, like the rest of you, looked forward to the show every week. It was intense, great concept of a show. It is a shame that they can’t give shows at least one season to find out whether or not people like it.

    ABC has also canceled The Nine, which was pretty good as well.

    Let’s just hope “Day Break” finishes out the season somewhere, online or else where, i.e. another station please pick it up.

    I have decided to forgo watching ABC as well. Their lack of judgment and consideration for TV viewers will eventually hinder their ratings.

  34. Fuck ABC says:

    Hi my name is pop yeah pop like i’ll pop those mother fuckers on ABC in the head for canceling the best show since season 5 of 24 was over.
    ABC just show everybody how they like to suck big dicks
    FUCK desperate housewife bunch of bitches look a like Sex and the city and FUCK lost

    This no fucking treats just releasing my frustration
    Suck a dick …. No homo

  35. Rod says:

    I feel the frustration completely. Lost is horrible, The Nine..border line. 6..horrible. you would think since you lost Monday night football, you would do more to keep your audience. Cancelling Daybreak, is probably the dumbest thing you ever did. Then again, it may be the smartest. If it was not for you cancelling it. I would not have fallen in love with Criminal Minds on CBS! So thanks!! This now the best show on TV. (well until 24 returns)

  36. WTF Why cancel a good show? says:

    Is there any way to view the remaining episodes? Im hooked on the show like crack. Gotta know how that ish ends…

  37. Bring Back Daybreak says:

    I could understand if they killed this show for something else better. Then, OK, maybe. But – why take off a perfectly good show with a finite end that people are watching, just to air 4 episodes of George Lopez in a row? Is this show making that much money that you just had to find someplace to put 2 hours of it?

    George Lopez sucks. Apparently, its a good fit for ABC.

    I like Lost, I’ve been hooked. Aside from that, Daybreak was the only good show ABC has come out with since Monday Night Football.

    ABC – if you’re smart, you’ll put the episodes up on ABC.com and let it ride out. You’ve made one foolish decision, try to make it a little better.

    Oh, and “Show Me the Money” – that was a brilliant idea! 🙄

  38. angel says:

    i love day break, pls give us a closure

  39. Ralph says:

    It’s just another classic example of the white man trying to keep the black man down…

    Hahah, no actually it’s a classic example of network executives with heads up their asses. First of all, Daybreak hasn’t been properly marketed or promoted. About 85% of the people I talk to still don’t know what Daybreak is. Let me tell you it’s a wonderful show, with a wonderful cast. Taye Diggs can act and the storyline is absolutely fun. I can’t believe they have the audacity to pull the show cold turkey like that. ABC is a freakin’ joke. This is the first time I commit to a show in over 5 years and when it’s smack dab in the middle they pull the plug. Thanks alot for ruining my Wednesday night you piece of shit network.

    It’s cool though…I can’t wait until the Lost audience realizes that the show is going nowhere and starts a revolution.

  40. QDawg says:

    Add my name to the list of disguntled viewers. They had better at least air the final episodes on ABC.com like CBS did for Smith, another great show that deserved to stay on the air.

  41. Rich says:

    I agree. Daybreak was a terrific show. Please ABC, post those missing episodes!

  42. Ruy says:

    I just get an auto-response from ABC when using their contact form. In case anyone is interested, please sign the petition. If we can’t save it then at least we can get ABC to deliver one thing: release it on DVD. They reneged on letting it unravel in 13 weeks and now they completely pulled the show’s webpage from their site. No more online videos.

  43. Ruy says:

    The petition by the way can be reached by clicking on my name. By the way, I happen to find short clips of Day Break on http://abc.go.com/fsp/index.html

  44. Jerry says:

    I can’t believe Daybreak was cancelled. It was my favorite shoe on TV late fall. I was excited about a 13 week series – very definative: start, middle, end. To many shows drag on for too many years. Having a short concise 13 week run is perfect for my busy life! ABC, I beg you, please air the final shows of the series or give us the series DVD!

  45. Charlie says:

    If you want to sign the bring back Day Break petition, go to: http://www.tvseriesfinale.com/2006/12/day_break_lets_save_the_taye_diggs_series.html

  46. rAp_iSDeaD says:

    hey yo ralph holla atcha boy,i agree 100% abc doin betta than most of tha network and they take everthing for granted,oh Daybreak not doin good we’re pullin it for good ,oh invasion not doin good on ratings eather we’re pullin that to believe me lost will get its chance.i try watchin lost and i cant watch it for 10 minutes without turnin it back ta nbc or hell even cbs.

  47. really pissed says:

    I read that ABC would allow people to view the unaired episodes on their website, but if you go to ABC.com today there is no evidence that Daybreak ever existed. ABC SUX and I will no longer watch any show they air for fear it will be cancelled.

  48. falconsq says:

    Just got to looking when the rest of the episodes would air only to find out that ‘Day Break’ had been canned. Whoever made that decision should be canned. What a bone headed move. I expected to see the show return after the holidays but as usual ABC cancels before consulting the audience. I for one really enjoyed the show and where are the remaining episodes that were to have been at abc.com?

  49. Greg says:

    ABC, it is move’s like this that keep me renting videos instead of watching regular television.
    Thanks for nothing!

  50. Ted says:

    OMFG I can’t believe they cancelled the show! I was just on google looking for info of when new episodes would air because there are no promos on TV. Now my fears are confirmed and they cancelled the ONLY show on ABC worth taking up space on my DVR. How can they cancel a show that everybody likes? I read all the comments posted here. All of us are beside ourselves wondering why they would make such a retarded programming move. It’s to be expected though when a network shows 2 full hours of ‘According to Jim’ and ‘George Lopez’ 2 nights out of the week you know they don’t have their finger on the pulse of society. GG Daybreak… I wish the execs at ABC weren’t 90 years old and from the stone age.

  51. tom says:

    again a network has cancelled a really great story driven program in favor of cheap reality shows…since no more daybreak i will not watch abc anymore

  52. crazycracka says:

    daybreak’s remaining episodes can be viewed on abc.com they aired all the remaining episodes there and the season finale will be there this week

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