It’s Official: Day Break is Cancelled

In an earlier posting I wrote that it looked like Day Break was going to be cancelled and now it’s official.  ABC announced on Friday that Day Break was cancelled and that they had no plans to air the remaining episodes.

It’s unfortunate because I liked the premise and even more important liked that the show was finite and that we would see an ending for the show.  I’m sure the DVD will be released later next year and will try and catch it then.


9 Responses to It’s Official: Day Break is Cancelled

  1. Bruce G says:

    I too am very disappointed in hearing that Daybreak was cancelled. I looked forward to each week’s new episode. Lost can stay lost. ABC please present the remaining episodes of Daybreak.

  2. Olu says:

    You’ve got to be kidding me. This is absolutely one of the best shows on television. I am extremely disappointed in ABC for not letting this show run to its completion. The story is intriguing, the acting is superb and it has kept me coming back again and again. ABC, please do the right thing and air the remaining episodes.

  3. rc says:

    what an absolute shame. i was hooked from the pilot and wednesday evenings couldn’t come around fast enough. please ABC, at least allow us to download the remaining episodes. very disappointed.

  4. Eva says:

    It is very disappointing that a good show–Day Break has been yanked out without a proper ending. ABC is not doing their loyal fans any justice. This may very well hurt their overall ratings in all future or current shows. It shows that ALL ABC shows has no responsibility and obligation to do a good job from the beginning to the end. Then why bother to show any interest in ANY ABC shows.

  5. LaToya says:

    I really did like that show and when I missed the episode I can go on line and watch. Maybe the show can get picked up on another network.

  6. shon says:

    I really enjoyed the show, and looked forward to watching it weekly. It would have been nice for ABC to make an annoucement, instead of making us search for an answer as to why the show was not airing.

  7. vlukewi says:

    This is unbelievable. All of these great shows are being cancelled. Is it better to show reruns of old comedies, than it is to show a new program with a substantial fanbase? It doesnt make sense to me. I am really reluctant to get attached to any new programs now……..

  8. eArTh says:

    eize Ba’asa ! ! One O’v The BEST SHOW’s EVER!!!!


    DAMN YOU.. PEOPLE OF NBC ! ! ! !

    Damn . . .

  9. Nola says:

    WHAT? Daybreak Cancelled??! ABC have you lost your head? Daybreak was GREAT – great writing, script, acting, plot, action, suspense!! Why would you take a winner off and keep so many losers on like Shark, Studio 60, dead and worn out Survivor and Amazing Race, sleezy OC and Houswives, tired Law & Order, come on – you had something great there – we want to see the remaining episodes – BRING DAYBREAK BACK!!!

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