Fox Cancels OC after 4 Seasons

It’s now been made official.  Zap2It has confirmed that Fox has cancelled the OC.  This Thursday is the beginning of the end for the show with a finale date set for February 22nd.

It’s not quite a surprise given that it was only renewed for 16 episodes and was scheduled against CSI and Grey’s Anatomy.  The unfortunate thing is that this season the show has actually had a return to form after the horrible season 3.  It’s amazing what getting rid of Marissa, who was frankly just depressing to watch, did to lighten characters like Ryan.  Replacing her with the complete opposite in Taylor and adding in my favourite Everwood refugee Bright didn’t hurt either.

But alas, it’s coming to an end and hopefully this announcement gives Josh Schwartz the opportunity to bring the show to a conclusion that it truly deserves.


22 Responses to Fox Cancels OC after 4 Seasons

  1. Keri says:

    wow. i am just shocked. i am a dedicated oc fan and i NEVER thought this would happen. i never thought the show would come to an end. this is horrible. wow. wow. wow.

  2. sophie says:

    OMG! yes, i had heard rumors it was cancelled, but i didnt think they were true!!!!!!!……. i am so upset because i have watched every episode since it started an now i dont have anyting to watch on thursday nights!!!!!….. at least there is going to be a finale but whyyyyyyyyyy is it cancelled?? ughhhhhh i hate this/…. i lived for the oc haha

  3. OMFG!
    the OC is canceled
    thats my favorite show ever!
    && idont think they should of had marrissa die tho!
    she was my favorite!!!!
    i dont know what i will do without it!
    i wait all year for its season
    im pissed!
    OC is the best!

  4. margo says:

    well now we wont have to decide between grey’s anatomy and the OC anymore…. but i do love the oc and will miss it. i’m not surprised that its ending, because… rly.. what are they going to do next..?? make seth get a sex change? make ryan commit suicide? they’ve pretty much don everything they could with the story line 😦 oh well goodbye OC.

    for u obsessers….. it wasn’t actually filmed in orange county so theres a positive side…

  5. What is weird is that they have a place on the FOX website to help save the show. It is hard to say if this is a publicity stunt or if it is really going to happen. Regardless we are doing what we can to get all the closet O.C. fans to come out and help save the show.

  6. Yajiro Kojima says:

    “omg the oc is my fav show ever! its the best! omg i live for the oc! i’m pissed”

    Please. The OC was a terrible, terrible show and I’m applauding loudly because of its cancellation. I say this because I WATCHED it and everything about it is appauling. Why a show like this was allowed to flourish for four seasons is beyond me. Don’t worry, there’s plenty more absolute crap for you guys to watch. Let’s see there’s always the reality show crap…There’s probably gonna be three or four new shows on FOX, NBC, ABC and CBS that have the same premise as the OC but with different actors and a different story. Oh! And let’s not forget ANYTHING on MTV nowadays…
    I’ve seen very good shows cancelled without a second thought or in their prime (Firefly, Wonderfalls, Farscape and Stargate SG-1 come to mind). These shows that had a great cast, great acting, great WRITING, and fantastic direction were pushed aside so that you can have crap like The OC, Dancing with the Stars, and the abundance of utter garbage that is strewn across television today. Finally, FOX makes a decent cancellation move.

  7. Buddy Lee says:

    OMG we got a sci fi GEEK here…Yajiro Kojima need to move out of his momma’s basement and maybe go on a date if he can get one.

  8. Yajiro Kojima says:

    And being a geek is supposed to be an insult? Nice try, n00b. Although I expected better than a couple of brainless attempts at insults. They’re laughable, but old and dull.
    Go back to watching your CANCELLED show. I don’t deal with absolute idiots like you.

  9. Reality Check says:

    You realize you used Stargate SG-1 and very good in the same sentence right? Just making sure.

    Oh well, I do agree it would have been a rocky 5th season.

  10. I think it’s about time. I didn’t Mischa Barton, but you knew the show was doomed once she was killed off. Enough is enough. Time to move on!

  11. The show never appealed to me. Even when it started I preferred One Tree Hill. Today, even One Tree Hill should be fighting to stay on the air. The show used to have basketball in its plot…I must say I actually enjoyed that. Oh well, we’ll see what 2007 brings us to replace these shows.

  12. CajoleJuice says:

    Thumbs up to Fox for once!

  13. engtech says:

    I just started watching Season 3 on DVD and I had to stop it was so bad.

  14. markandapril says:

    When did The O.C. “jump the shark”?

    I reckon it was when Marissa turned lesbian – it was downhill from then onwards. And Ryan’s cage fighting was just ludicrous. Good riddance.

  15. kavita rai says:

    nooo..!!!!!!!! 😦 i love this show!! i was disappointed when they killed Marissa, she was my favourite character. This season my new fav.character is Kaitlin Cooper.

    sigh!!!! no more o.c! 😦

  16. adam says:

    honsetly, it should’ve been cancelled last season. this season was a valiant comeback, but still, too little, too late.

  17. Russell says:

    …it’s about time.

  18. Hana says:

    No way i cant believe this?
    Are they just going to cancel it on like episode whatever.
    On february 22nd?
    Will they still have the normal season length?
    Do you reakon it will show in the uk?

  19. Star says:

    Aww man! I love the OC! It’s my favorite show!!! I’m bummed. 😦 😦 😦

  20. joni123 says:

    Season 1 – Awesome
    Season 2 – Distincly Average
    Season 3 – Deeply Depressing, I would imagine lying in a coma would be more enjoyable
    Season 4 – Not going to bother!

  21. adam says:


    agree with the first 3, but season is somewhere closer to season 1

  22. Jen1987 says:

    Kinda know it was getting cancelled. but it still is sad, i love this show i watch it every thrsday. and also own seasons 1-3 on DVD sets. so i can still watch the show. And the final was amazing, it went out in a good way.

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