Knights of Prosperity – Season 1, Episode 1 Review

The closest comparison to this show is My Name is Earl in both tone and formula.  It has a simple premise – group of misfits plan to rob Mick Jagger, Oceans 11 style, after seeing his decadent lifestyle.  As a pilot this episode was pretty good.  It introduced the characters, set up the storyline and had some good laughs.  All that being said, I have no idea how it’s going to sustain its premise beyond a single season.  Even the basic storyline is at risk after the producers drove Mick away from the show (see this article for a great overview of the whole sordid story).  Replacing him with other celebrities or turning the show into a let’s rob the celebrity of the week doesn’t sound much more sustaining.

Still, why am I worrying about the future of the show when we’re only one episode in.   Bottom line: I liked what I saw so I may as well enjoy the ride.

Avi’s Episode Rating: B+


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