What the #$%#$ – Edited Sopranos Gets High Ratings on A&E

I just don’t get it.   First David Chase and company sell out to syndicate their show to A&E, artistic integrity be damned, which I can at least understand as a capitalist since money does talk ($2.5M per episode is real money).  But 4.3 million people actually watching a show that is so completely edited makes no sense whatsoever to me.

I get that there are lots of people who don’t actually get HBO and want to know what the critics have been talking about.  (As an aside, in Canada The Sopranos has been airing uncut on network TV for years.)  What I don’t understand is why they don’t just go to their local video store and rent the series and see it as it was intended.  Anyone who has ever seen an episode of The Sopranos knows that the cuts that they must have made are not minor.  I don’t think anyone is as puritanical to think that since the show has made cuts it is now safe for viewing.  This is not a show for kids and even cut, it isn’t a show for the squeamish or easily offended.

Maybe it was just morbid curiosity or people playing a drinking game, taking a drink every time a character says “frig”.  For my 2 cents from a guy who writes a TV blog, save your time and make a trip to the video store so you can watch the real Sopranos in all its glory.


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